How do I show related family members in the group view?

Adding related family members to a group view.

To add related family members to a group view, go to Settings > Groups > Group Views.  

1)  Click the view you want to edit.  (If you aren't sure, go to the group that you want to add this to and look at what view that group is using.  The group view is shown on the Group page, just under the row of blue buttons.)  Click the red "Edit Group View" button.

2) From the Group View Attributes drop down list, select "related family members".

You can move this attribute up or down in the order for which it will appear by using the arrows to the left of the attribute name.

3) Click Save to save this view.  

When you go back into the group in which you wanted to see this attribute, you should now see this as one of the columns.  If the field is blank, that attribute is incomplete for that particular member.