An overview of Text-to-Register

Setup a KEYWORD as a convenient way for people to register for events, using Text-to-Church.

Want a demo of how it works?

Try it now.  Text T2R to (817) 677-9850 to see a simple registration.  Text CONNECT to see a digital connection card.   Text HELP or EVENTS to see other registration options. These are a few of the samples we set up to show you what is possible with Text-to-Register.

First, set up Text-to-Church if you are not already using it.

To get started, set up your Text-to-Church account with Churchteams.  You can use your church office number or select a number from our list.   The Text-to-Church number is also a Text-to-Give number, so an online giving account is required.

Setting up a Registration and adding a KEYWORD

  1. Create your group/event as usual (Groups & Events > Create)
  2. Go to the Registration Settings page for that group (Registration > Settings) and set up the registration details.   Enter the keyword you want to associate with registration for this group in the field labeled "Text-to-Register Keyword." 
  • Note regarding Keywords: The first digit must be a letter.  The system will prevent STOP, LOGIN, HELP, GIVE, EVENTS, REFUND, END, CHECK, CHECKIN, CHECK-IN, ME, TO, and FOR from being used as a group/event keyword to prevent conflicts with these already reserved system words.  It will also check to make sure that a keyword isn't duplicated.
Here are some specific responses the system will give depending on various situations:

  • Registration with a link.  When additional information is needed, the system will send a link back to the registrant.  This link gives you full access to all additional registration features.  
  • If the registrant is verified as an existing member of the database, the system will pre-populate all the Member Attributes required on the registration leaving only the registration attributes to be completed.  CCard.png 
  • If a payment is required, the registrant will have an option to use the saved cards or banking accounts they set up for online giving.  Payment.png 

*If a refund is needed, see Can I refund a registration payment?