What are the fees associated with texts from my Text-to-Church number?

500 outgoing texts sent through your Text-to-Church number are included, each additional text is 2 cents.

Text-to-Church is included in the All-Pro and MVP pricing packages of Churchteams.  Depending on the number of texts you send, you could encounter some additional fees per text. 

  • 500 outgoing texts sent through Text-to-Church (includes Workflows, mass texts, and conversational) are included, each additional text is $0.02 each.
  • There is no charge for incoming texts or the link that is sent back out as a result of texting in a Keyword, i.e. a person texts a Keyword to register for an event and the link to register is sent back out - there is no charge for the registration link being sent, nor will they count toward the 500 included texts.
  • Every 159 characters in an outgoing text count as 1 text. Ex: a text message containing 300 characters will count as 2 texts sent.  Please limit content.  To redirect to a website, use the Text-to-Link feature highlighted above.
  • The text sending page tells displays a month-t0-date count of scheduled and sent texts, as well as the cost for sending the text you are working on.  You will also see the price to send the text on the green Send button.

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