Can a registration attribute be moved to a member attribute?

Moving registration attribute to a member attribute in Churchteams so that the attributes remains on a member profile

Types of Attributes

A registration attribute is an item that is only necessary for the registration, maybe a cost or a specific childcare option.
A member attribute is an item that is important to know about the person, no matter what group they are in.  Examples of these are:  t-shirt size, a particular preference, or any contact information like emails or phone numbers.

Steps to change the registration attribute to a member attribute:

  1. Create a member attribute that is the same as the current registration attribute.  Settings > Member > Member Attributes
  2. Go into the group using the registration attribute and export the group information.  Reports > Export to Excel/CSV
  3. Open this file in Excel and verify that you see a column for the Registration Attribute you are working with.
  4. Use this file to update the newly created member attribute.  Settings > Members > Import/Load > choose the file you just exported
  5. Check the box next to "Check to UPDATE records only" - this is critical
  6. On the "Member Data Load Preview/Validation page"
    1. Map ALL columns to "Do not load this column"  (this will prevent the accidental update of mis-mapped columns)
    2. Find the MemberID column and map it to the "ChurchteamsMemberID" using the dropdown list.
    3. Find the column with the data for the registration attribute you are moving to the member attribute and map this to the name of the member attribute in the dropdown list.
    4. If "Set translation values" is displayed after mapping, click on these words and map the values from the left to values in the dropdown on the right, press Save.
    5. Verify your mapping one final time and then press "Load File"
  7. Go into the registration settings for the group and delete the registration attribute from the list of attributes - it will have "(Registration)" next to the attribute name.
  8. Add the new member attribute to the registration by selecting this from the list.  The new attribute will have "(Member)" next to it. 
  9. Remove the registration attribute from the system.  Settings > Groups > Registration Attributes.
  10. Confirm that no other groups are using this attribute - do not delete if it is still being used by other groups.
  11. Delete the registration attribute if no groups are using it, and that's it!