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1.03 Settings Step 3 in Churchteams: Member Attributes

A listing of Member Attributes shown on the Member Profile and Information pages.

We recommend that you do not make edits to the Member Attributes Settings until after your Member Import is completed by Churchteams, unless you have discussed this with a member of the Churchteams Support Staff.  Changes made could affect your data import.

Member attributes are the fields shown on the Member Profile and/or Member Information pages.  Most all of the Member Attributes are customizable.  You can also add others or delete attributes that came in the database that your organization might not use.

To access and edit the Member Attributes, go to Members > Settings > Member Attributes.



Click the blue “New Attribute” button. 

  • The Attribute Type can be a Dropdown menu (list of choices), Text Field (you will free type in the response), Date Field, Hyperlink (such as a Facebook or Dropbox address), or a Divider/Heading (this is used by staff members to separate the attributes on the page into categories)
  • The Attribute Name is what is shown on the Information page, such as “Address” or “Birthdate”
  • The Description is just an explanation of the attribute.
  • The Sort Order is the order in which the Attribute will appear on the Member page.  The attributes are listed in the sort order that you choose.
  • Visible at this Security Level:  This is where you will choose who is able to see and edit the attribute.  If you wish to make an attribute only visible to the staff and higher (such as “deceased date”), choose Staff as the level for that Attribute.
  • Required Attribute:  Check this box if you want this particular Member Attribute to be required any time a new member is added to the database.

Rearrange the Sort Order of any Member Attributes that you wish to see in a different place of the Member page.  

If there are Member Attributes that you do not use, you may remove them by using the red “x”.  We advise extreme caution when removing a Member Attribute. Run a Member Listing report showing that Attribute to ensure it is not used before removing.  



You can edit the names of most Member Attributes (Members > Settings > Member Attributes) by clicking the name of the Member Attribute and editing the name then saving the new name.