Can a group have more than one coach or staff member receive attendance emails?

Only one coach can be assigned to a group, but more than one person can receive attendance reports from a given group

There is a limitation on the number of coaches that can be assigned to a group.

The workaround for other people to receive the attendance reports for a particular group is to go into the Coach Area (Groups & Events > Organization > Coach Area) and click on the coach's name, then at the top of the page, there is a CC Email Addresses and you can add the additional coach's emails in there, separated by a semi-colon, and they will all get just the reports for that coach.  Be sure to click "Update CC Email" after you have entered all the necessary email addresses.  The same thing applies to the Staff level in that there is a CC Email for each Staff person so that multiple staff members can receive emails for a single group.

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