Can I create a map showing an area where people live?

Using filters to map where people in a group or with similar member attributes live

To use the map feature in Churchteams, your browser must allow for pop-ups from Churchteams.  Please be sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off or allow from Churchteams before proceeding.

To display a map showing where people live, go to Reports > Members, select Map of Individuals.  Enter a starting address, such as the church address and a radius from that location for which you want the map to display.

Use the Filters in the middle column to choose who you want to show on the map.

To filter to a specific group, first click the blue Groups filter, then Group Involvement > People Currently in a Group, then using the small Groups drop down menu, select the Group(s) of people you wish to display on your map.  You can also filter by Ministry type here or several other Group filters.

To filter by Member Attributes instead, click the blue Members filter then choose the appropriate member filter, such as Church Member Types> Selected church member types, then choose your desired filter. 

You could also select specific people by choosing "Select specific people" then enter the names in the Search bar.

Run the Report.  A Map will pop up in a separate window.