Can I refund a registration payment?

Logged in at the Financial Administrator level, you can refund a registration payment from the group page for the event or class.

Refunding registration payments is different than refunding a person's tax-deductible contribution.  The refund of registration payments is handled through the group page where the event or class is being managed.  

  • If a refund is needed, that option is available at the Financial Administrator level on the group page.  If the payment was for a multi-person registration refunds will be issued for all payments.  


  • If a payment has not cleared/posted,  it will be voided in the payment system and deleted from Churchteams so you won't see a reference to the payment.  The receipt sent immediately will still be with the donor.  An emailed receipt is also sent when a refund is done.  
  • If a payment has cleared, then a credit will be issued and a negative amount payment will be shown on the page in addition to the original payment.  The refund option will no longer be available for that payment.
  • ACH payments can be refunded / voided if they are caught before they post.  But if it's after they are posted they cannot be refunded due to some current limitations with the payment API (software interface).  The system will let you know if that's the case.