Combined Member/Staff Access in the Churchteams Member App

Any person with a staff login (staff and other key leaders with a User Account) will have access to their own Member pages along with additional access to the staff features via a single login.

Staff can easily access the Churhteams Member App two ways.  

1) Open your phone's web browser and go to your church's churchteams site.  Once you log in, use the "Install App" button at the top of the screen to install the App to your phone.

2) While logged into Churchteams on your desktop or laptop, go to your own Member Profile, click the Invite to Update" button located below the member name, then "Member App." An email with a link to the member app will be sent.  Open that email on your phone and use the included link to add the app.

Member App screenCombined Member/Staff Access

Using your staff credentials logs you into both the Member App and the mobile-friendly staff features. 

Only those who log in with their staff credentials will see the staff search bar and menu at the top of the Member App screen. This is a convenient way for staff to have convenient access to these important staff features while also being able to manage their member information. 

The down arrow located in the top right corner will expand the mobile-friendly staff menu.






Hamburger Menu in Member AppMobile-Friendly Staff Menu

The Staff menu is the hamburger (three-line) menu that remains in the upper right corner while you are on any staff page.  

Use this menu to take you to any mobile-friendly staff feature or to go back to the Member App.