How to setup Check-in using Firefox on a PC and Mac.

Check-in and label printing on a PC and Mac using Firefox

Install Label Printer

  1. Install the label printer software and driver on the machine. The disk may have come with the printer or you may have to download it from the label printer website.  Make sure it is working with a test print.  You can open the Notepad application, type a few words and click print.
  2. On a PC go to the printers and scanners page, click on the printer then Manage (in Windows) to set it as the default printer. On the same page, select Printing Preferences to set the default paper size to the size of label you are using (2.4 for Brother Printer). 

Customize Settings In Firefox

  1. Open Firefox, login to Churchteams and start check-in (Check-in / Start Check-in) with any Check-in view.
  2. Pick anyone in a group class or class associated with that check-in view and click print.  This will open a Print screen.
  3. On the Print screen choose your printer for the Destination, and select Landscape for Destination.
  4. If not already expanded, click “More Settings” to view additional settings
  5. Choose your Paper size (For Brother printer choose 2.4)
  6. For Margins choose Minimum.
  7. For Options uncheck “Headers and footers” and check “Background Graphics”
  8. Click "Print" to print out a label to save those settings.

Setup automatic printing

  1. Open another tab and type in About:Config in the address bar.
  2. Click "Accept the risk and continue"
  3. Type in the search bar "print.always_print_silent" and select the value of "true" and click the + to the right.
  4. Switch back to the tab with the check-in system open and try another test print. This time it should print with no dialog box prompt.