How do I add other Staff Members and Leaders to our account?

Creating User Accounts to allow access to Churchteams

Grant access to Churchteams by inviting staff members and other high-level organization leaders to create their own User Account.  A listing of each security level along with a description of each can be found here.  To add User Accounts, go to Settings > User Accounts

User Account


Click the Add button-2 button, which will take you to a page to search people already in your database.  Creating the account will prompt the software to send an email to the individual so that they may choose a password and save the link to Churchteams for future access.

Email to set up User Account

There are three ways to give access with small group leaders, which can be found here.  Small group leaders will not use an email with unique password for logging in, but rather a common password for that level.

Once user accounts have been created, here is what the login will look like:


The Coach, Admin. Assistant, Staff, Group Admin, and Financial Admin will all use their email and unique password to log in.

The Check-in feature and Leader level   login each use a common password given by the Financial Administrator.


If a user account is no longer needed, the account can be removed by the Financial Administrator by clicking the red "x" to the far right of the User Accounts listing.  The security access level can be changed at any time by the Financial Administrator by clicking the User Account name.  

Details about the security access levels, as well as a spreadsheet highlighting access features can be found here.