How do I automate promotion?

Schedule the Add People to Group and Remove People from Group reports.

This article is excerpted from this blog post.  

Unlike older children, preschoolers often promote from one class to another based on their birthday not the school year.  The easiest way to manually do this detailed task is by listing Birth Date as one of the columns in the group view for those classes.  If you sort by birthday, you can select the ones who should be promoted manually and transfer them to the next class.  But, why not automate this process and completely get it off your task list?   You can do this by creating, saving, and scheduling two reports:


  1. Add People to Group. 
    • Go to Reports > Members > Add People to Group.  Select the group you want to promote people to. 
    • Then Filters > Members > Custom Member Attributes and scroll down to choose the Birth Date range of children that need to be added.
    • Save this report with a dynamic date range using X to Y weeks to pick up the right people each week.  Example: 26 to 27 weeks ago would be children that turned 6 months old last week.  AddGroup
  2. Remove from Group. 
    • Go to Reports > Member > Remove People from Group.  Select the group the promoted child in #1 needs to be removed from. 
    • Use the same Filters as before.
    • Save the same way as before with the same dynamic date range.  RemoveGroup
  3. Schedule the Reports.
    • Go to Reports > Scheduled Reports. 
    • Click the blue button to choose and schedule the day of the week and time you want the reports to run.