How do I change the Group Settings?

Editing the structure of the menus for Group Information and Group Profile pages in Churchteams.

The framework for all groups is built through the Group Settings menu. Because most everything in Churchteams is built around groups, how well those groups are organized is a critical component of optimizing Churchteams.

Note: Customization of a particular group -- and ONLY that group --  is done through the group itself (using the blue Edit button while on the group page) or as a group is created.  For example, if you wish to just change the settings for the day that group meets, go to that group page, click the blue Edit button, then Group Information.

The instructions below contain information for editing the structure of the menus (and the drop-down choices) on the Group Information and Group Profile pages. We provide a set of defaults but allow for your customization here.

Group Settings

Profile Questions.  (Groups > Settings > Profile Questions) This may be the single most important page for managing ministry organization.  Every group that is created will select a response to each profile question.  The Browse Groups page (under the Groups & Event menu) allows you to filter based on these responses.  The responses are also used as filters for report and communication purposes. It is so important that we recommend setting up a time with one of our staff to do a review of these settings with you.  They will ask clarifying questions based on best practices to set you up for success.  

Browse Groups Settings Page. (Groups > Settings > Browse Groups Page.)  This is where you will determine the settings for your Browse Groups page, which is located under the Groups & Events Tab.  The defaults are most commonly used, but customizations can be made to:

  1. Customize information to display about groups.  (Do you want the Leader's name displayed for each group?  This is the page where you enable/disable that setting.)
  2. Add or remove search filters to clean up or improve group search options.  (Would it be helpful to filter by City on the Browse Groups page? This is the page to enable that search filter.)
  3. Add your logo or customize the page to match your website.
  4. Customize default language attached to registration communication.  These are the default messages that the leader and registrants will receive after registration is completed unless you enter a custom message for a particular group.

Group Views.  (Groups & Events > Settings > Group Views) Group View is the layout of the Group Page.  This settings page will allow you to add, remove and edit options for what information is included in the columns on a group information page.  These options make your group a customizable dashboard.  As you create a group, you will select a Group View from those you create on the Group Views settings page. From a group page you can also switch Group Views as shown here:

Group View1

Group Roles. (Groups > Settings > Group Roles)  Customize possible roles for group members based on ministry area.  There is an option to view Group Roles in any Group View (this is done through customizing the Group View).  You can filter to roles in reports and communication.  Example: email childcare coordinators of all home groups by filtering on that particular role. Group roles are used in the Volunteer feature as well.   

Group Registration Attributes. (Groups > Settings > Registration Attributes) Customize questions to be used in any registration.  Use the sort order to help keep them organized.  Ex. 1000s = Children's Ministry; 2000s = youth ministry; 3000s = adult ministry.  This page is also accessed from an event's registration settings page.  

Service Project.  (Groups > Settings > Service Project) Option to manage missional activities of groups and teams.  If enabled, schedule, rate, and report on serving activities as an option on any meeting report.  

KHI Reporting Options.  (Groups > Settings > KHI Reporting Options) For those serious about tracking the health of their small groups.  Choose the profile question to break groups out by in our monthly small group health report. 

Email Reminders. (Groups > Settings > Email Reminders) Enable and customize reminders to go-to leaders and coaches if desired to complete a report on their group meeting.  

Meeting Reports. (Groups > Settings > Meeting Reminders) Add additional questions to meeting reports.

Meeting Times.  (Groups > Settings > Meeting Times) These are especially useful with the Groupfinder tool for people looking for groups to select a group based on the meeting time.  

Meeting Frequency. (Groups > Settings > Meeting Frequency) Also useful with the Groupfinder tool for people looking for groups to select a group to learn about based on how often it meets.