How do I create a link for a subset of groups and access it with Text-to-Church?

Using a Keyword or Link on Social Media to direct people to a subset of groups.

Here are the steps to create a link for a subset of groups that might look like this:


  1. Create each of the groups.
  2. On step 3 of creating the group make sure that you choose a group profile or combination of profile questions that will identify just these alike groups - such as they are all Volunteer Groups or all meet as Home Groups.  Hint: Use the Browse Groups page to make sure that you can choose one, two or three filters to see just these groups.
  3. Once your groups have been created, from the home page go to Groups & Events > More > GroupFinder Links.
  4. Put in a heading and choose from the customization options on how to hide the search filters if you choose.
  5. Pick the filter combination that you chose in step 2.
  6. As you do steps 4 and 5, the tool will build a link for you in the green highlighted bar underneath the filters.  Copy this link and put it wherever you want - social media, your weekly newsletter, etc.
  7. Note: the system will also build embedded code for an iframe if you want to embed the form in a webpage.  That is shown in the second green highlighted bar.

If you want to use this link with Text-to-Church:

  1. Copy the link as in #6 above.
  2. Go to Communicate > Text> Text-to-Church.  Click the blue Add Link button.
  3. On the next page add in the URL you just copied, a name for this link, and a keyword that you will share with people to access this link.