How do I create and use Email Templates?

Use our drag-and-drop system to create email templates for newsletters, workflow communications, and landing pages.

To create a Template, go to Communicate > Email > Templates.  

*You can also, from the email screen, save any email you are working on as a Template.  Just click the "Save as Template" button on the Email editor screen before you send the email.

Email - Templates

The page opens to a list of existing Saved Templates created by you.  If you haven't yet created any Templates but would like to work with some of our samples, toggle over to Templates created by "All" at the top of the page.


Click the New Template button to start creating a Template from scratch.  

Start by either typing over the existing text in the editor or clicking the Rows tab in the right pane of the Editor and dragging new rows into the Editor to create your own content.  The Rows are holding spots for Content.

Email Templates Drag Rows


Once you have a row in the Editor, click the Content tab on the right and drag the Content box of your choosing into your row(s).

Email Editor Drag Content

Any Content box with text, such as Title, Paragraph, Buttons, and Lists can be edited using a text editor.  The text editor also allows you to add personalization Merge Tags, which will insert Names, for example, in a greeting.

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 8.43.50 PM

Continue to drag and drop Rows and insert Content in each of the Rows you add.


Once you've created your Email, click the  "Save as Template" button just above the Editor.  Name the Template and select the security level at which this can be accessed later, and save.

Saved Templates are available on the Email screen after they have been saved.  They can be accessed in the Template dropdown menu on the Email Editor screen.

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.30.37 PM