How do I customize messages people get when they register for a group or event?

Customizing the registration email for a group or event in Churchteams

To edit the default email messages sent from an event/group registration:

Go to Settings > Groups > Browse Groups Page.  Scroll to the last section labeled "Other options." 

The default is set to "Allow self-registration for groups/events."  Having this option checked will open up the text boxes to customize the default messages to both the registrant and the leader of the group/event. Enter your default messages here and click Save.  

To override the default message to either the registrant, the leader, or both for a specific group or event, go to the group's page and click the blue Registration button, then click Settings.  You can see the various text boxes for creating a customized message for the leader, the registrant or both. 

There is an option on that page to copy the Registration Settings, including the customized messages you've done for one group/event to others.