How do I create a registration form to populate my database rather than importing from an existing database?

 How to use a registration form to add people to your database

  1. From the Dashboard on the home screen of Churchreams, create a group in the Create card.
  2. Name the group "Database Registration" and complete the group creation process. (Don't worry about all the extra details, just fill out what is required.)
  3. Once the group is created, click on the blue Registration button, then Settings.
  4. Use the "Form Instructions" field to provide direction on filling out the form and to add your logo or an image.
  5. Customize the registration email or if you don't want to send one check "Don't Send".
  6. On the bottom left, add in all the attributes/information you want people to enter.
  7. Copy the link at the top to send to people to fill out the form or create a keyword that they can text to your Text-to-Church number to access the form on their phone.