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How do I remove a member from a family or transfer them to another?

Moving a member out of a household, either into another household or creating a new one

To move a member out of a household: 

  1. Go to Members > Family > Search.  Search for the person's last name and click on the blue last name button to be taken to the Household page for that person/family.  
  2. Go to the person's profile, click on their Household in the upper right corner, find the person in the family you want to remove/move and click the "Move member out" button to the right of their name.  

You will have two choices: 

1) Move them to another family already in Churchteams:  In this case, use the Search box to Search the family name, click that name.

 2) Create a new family/address:  This is often the case when a family member simply ages out of the household and they move to a separate address. Just fill in the fields under “Create a new family/household to move the member into:” section.

As a best practice, we recommend that you use the “Related To” feature on the Member Profile Page to indicate who someone is related to, particularly when someone has simply aged out of the household and you still want to be able to recall their family of origin.  See “How do I show family relationships between members in different households in Churchteams?”