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How do I run a report for multiple giving batches?

Using date range may not be accurate. Instead use the Batch Name text box in addition to the date.

Both the Contribution Detail and Contribution Summary report types give you the option to report on a batch or multiple batches.  The date range on the reports refers to when the donations were posted to people's giving record.  So be careful because online donations are automatically posted on the day they are given.  So running based on dates would include online donations as well.  This choice will run everything that was entered for Sunday 2/16/20 including all check/cash batches and online giving.

To truly run the report based on batches use the date of the batches entered and then scroll down to the Batch Name text box and enter the name of the batch you want to see for that date.  

For multiple batches on that date use a naming convention to group them together.  Example:

  • Morning 8:30
  • Morning 10
  • Morning 11:30
  • Evening
  • Evening Special

Then if you need a report that combines the morning batches, you would enter Morning and the wildcard (%) to pull them together.  Like this.