How do I schedule emails?

Managing scheduled emails in Churchteams

To schedule an email in Churchteams, first, create the email by going to Communicate > Email > Send.  After choosing options such as an Email List on the left and/or using Filters in the middle column to select recipients, run the report. Choose Email via Churchteams in order to be able to schedule the email.

Email Sending Options

Once in the Email editor screen, create your email.  Then scroll to the bottom of the screen to select "Schedule Date/Time".  Enter a date on the calendar and select a time.  Click send to place the email in the scheduling queue.

Schedule Email


To see scheduled emails in your queue, go to Communicate > Email > Scheduled.

Scheduled Email Queue-1

From the list of scheduled emails, you can see when the email is scheduled to go out, the date it was created, the Subject line, and the number of recipients.  By clicking on the number of recipients, you can see who is set to receive the email.  Click the Preview button to see the email.

Scheduled Emails List

You cannot edit an email that has been scheduled, but you can use the red "X" located at the far right of the screen to delete the scheduled email, therefore preventing that from going out.  If you happened to have saved this email as a Saved Template during the email creation stage, you can go back and edit it there, then reschedule the email.