How do I add a prayer request to a registration form?

Setting up a registration in a group for the purpose of collecting prayer requests in Churchteams

Prayer requests are usually handled by setting up a Note. 

First, create a Note Type for the Prayer Requests.

Go to Settings > Members > Note types and add a Prayer Request note type, making it viewable at the Guest level and greater.  

Next, add the Prayer Request to a Registration Form.

Next, create the Prayer Request group or you can use a Digital Connection/Information Card group.  While on that group page, go to Registration > Settings.  Under "Registration Completion Options" choose "Prayer request/note feature." On that same Registration Settings page, notice the green link at the top of the page.  This is the link you would send in an email or embed in your website for people to register into the group/send in their prayer requests.  To access via text, make sure that you add a keyword on the settings page at the top.

View the Prayer Requests.

To view prayer requests in the group you created, customize the Group View to include that particular note type.  If you want, you can also have a prayer update note to record those who prayed and any follow-up information related to that particular request.

*To edit/customize the Group View, from the Group page, click the "Customize" button located just below the row of blue buttons at the top.  On the Customization page, you can edit the attributes that appear on that particular Group View.  

To create a new Group View, rather than customizing one that other groups may be using, go to Settings > Groups > Group Views.