Understanding Leader level access and security

At the Leader level, Leaders can see all Groups set to be visible at the Leader, Member, and/or Guest level. Seeing the roster and member information for those within the Group is dependent upon enabling Group Specific Passwords.

Group specific passwords prevent leader(s) from one group viewing and editing the rosters of other Groups than their own through use of a password set by each Group Leader. Using Group Specific Passwords will require your leaders to log in with a shared Leader level password to initially access the Churchteams database, then use the Group Specific to access their own Group.

To enable Group Specific Passwords, logged in as a Group or Financial Admin, click Settings > Accessibility and enable Leader specific passwords.  This may be at the Coach or Group level (or both). Note the general password located to the right.

Leaders can access Churchteams in one of three ways.  Our recommendation for best practice is option 1 or 2, but the 3rd option can be utilized.

  1. Text ME to your Text-to-Church number (if your church is using Text-to-Church) to see Groups in which they are Leaders or set to Complete Meeting Reports.  This method will allow them to bypass the initial log-in screen and rely on their profile credentials as a group leader in the Software for access to their Group.  No need for a password. 
  2. Access the Group by using a Leader Access Link directly to the Group.  This link can either be from the Email Reminder (the email sent with the link to the attendance report).  This link is a direct access to their group and can be used for viewing the group as well as taking attendance.  The Group Link can also be emailed directly to the Group Leader by a staff member (or higher security access) going to the Group, clicking the blue Edit button, then Leader Access Links.  From there, click the "Email update Group Information link to Leader(s)" button.  Leaders can then save that link on their computer or smart device.
  3. Leaders can all be sent the Churchteams log-in link.  This link is found as a bookmark on the Settings > User Accounts page. Let them know to save this link as a bookmark or favorites page on their browser.  Leaders will not enter an email and unique password, but rather click the Check-in/Leader button, then enter the leader level password found on the User Accounts page (Security > User Accounts) -- not the one on the accessibility page.

    When the leader clicks to go to a group on the browse groups page (logged in as leader), he/she will enter the general group password (Settings > Accessibility). He/she can then customize a unique password that will replace this password just for their Group.

In summation... Each leader will have a shared/common leader level password to enter the Churchteams database.  If group specific passwords are enabled, they will then have an additional password to enter after clicking on their group if they use the Churchteams link for your Church.  This one is unique to their group and known only to that group leader. Accessing the Group through Text-to-Church or a direct link to the Group bypasses the need for a password.


Note:  This security only applies when logged in as a leader and doesn't affect higher level access.  Also, the links in the email reminders still go directly to the group.  Leaders will not need the link and/or the database password if they are only using the email link to access their group.  This is a recommended practice for accessing groups, so that passwords are not an issue.