How do I request and track completed background checks from Protect My Ministry?

Tracking background checks on the Member Information page

If you have not already set up your account and integration with Protect My Ministry, please refer to our Integration Guide.

Once you have set up PMM and Churchteams integration, you can request Background Checks through Protect My Ministry (based on your subscription with Protect My Ministry) and log the data on the Member Information page.

To request a background check: 

  • Search the person in Churchteams and go to that Member Profile page.  On the left side of the page, under Custom Attributes, click the Background Check "Request" button.

Background Check

  • Requesting the background check will link you to Protect My Ministry where you will complete the form and the check will be initiated.  
  • When the background check is complete, you will receive an email.  At that point, return to the Member Profile and click the View button for the Background Check to review the results. 
  • Go to the Member Information page and update the Background Check attribute field with pass/fall details and the date of the background check.  Tracking these details is beneficial when you run reports of volunteers for various ministries to see who still needs to have a background check completed.