How do I validate Contribution data after conversion?

Review imported Contribution data

  • Batch History:  Review imported contributions by going to Giving>Batch History. Click on Summary to view totals by Designation. In addition, to view detail level contributions, go to Giving > Reports > Contribution detail and enter the Batch name.
  • Fund Designations:  Ensure that the Tax Deductible status has been set correctly. Go to Settings>Giving>Designations/Funds. Click on each Fund and review the “Default all contributions to Tax-Deductible” checkbox. Also review/edit the name of the fund, and the display sort order.
  • Member Contributions:  You may wish to verify contribution data for a few members. Search for a member, then choose Contributions. Note that the Date Range defaults to current year. To see past years, change the dates accordingly.
  • Batch Date:  For imported contributions, please avoid changing the Batch Date. This would have the unintended consequence of overlaying the contribution dates for each gift within the batch.