How do I review and validate Group/Group Member data after conversion?

Review Group and Group Membership settings and data

  • Group Profile Questions:  Churchteams encourages the use of profile questions in order to leverage foundational group functionality throughout the system. Think of these Profile Questions as ministry categories that can be used as filters throughout the software. Please add/update questions by going to Groups >Settings >Profile Questions.
  • Group Information:  Go to Group & Events>Browse to see a listing of all the groups in your account.  Click the name of any group to select it.  Utilizing the blue group-based buttons, click Edit>Group Information. Review descriptive information for each Group, especially for data that may have been defaulted because it was not present on the imported group member records. These include Meeting Day, Meeting Time, Meeting Frequency, and Group Role. 
  • Attendance:  If your import included attendance data, please review by going to Groups & Events >Browse and select a group. Utilizing the blue group-based buttons, click  Edit>Reports>Meetings (and/or Membership History).  From the list of Meeting dates, click any date to see attendance for that date.