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How do you recommend assigning family roles?

Family role is a Member Attribute, often used as a filter when running reports

Family roles are used in a lot of ways throughout the tool, so they are not customizable. Here is our thinking about assigning and using the family role options provided.

Adults - Includes "head of household" and spouse.  May be married or single.

College Age - For dependent children over the age of 18 whether they are actually in college or not.  When a child becomes independent, they should be moved to their own family.  You can use the "Related to" feature to link them.

Student - Generally 6th or 7th grade through senior in high school.

Child - Birth to 5th or 6th grade.

Other - Used for other dependents living in the house.  E.g. special needs children, elderly parents.

Family roles for an individual are assigned on the member information page.  To move someone out of a family or household, click the "Edit Family/Household" button in the heading of the family listing for any individual.  See "How do I remove a member from a household or transfer them to another?" for more information.