How can I tell if a person has unsubscribed from emails?

Two ways to see unsubscribed persons in your Churchteams database: the Member page or a Member Listing report

Checking unsubscribed status on a Member page

Go to the Member's page (enter the Member Name in the Search bar).  Just below the blue "More Info..." button you will see the member address.  If the member has unsubscribed, there will be a notation indicating the date and time the email address was unsubscribed.  If they are still subscribed but have called to ask you to remove them from mass emails, you may click the Unsubscribe button located there.  (See image below.)

Member Page showing Unsubscribe

Run a report to see a list of Unsubscribed people in the database

To see a listing of people who unsubscribed go to Members > Reports, choose Member Listing. In the green Options column on the left, you can select any fields that you want to show on your report.  In this case, email address and church member type might be useful information.  Name is always included in the report.

In the middle Filters column, click Members > Fixed Attributes. Scroll down to "Email unsubscribe date range".  Enter a date range, such as January 1, 2000 - present date to see everyone who has ever unsubscribed.  You can be as specific with the dates as needed.

Run the Report.

Filter to Members - Fixed Attributes

Unsubscribe date range