How does Churchteams request members to update their information themselves?

There are three ways people can update their information:

1. Add a notice to your church bulletin, worship screen slides, website, and newsletter asking people to text the word ME to your Text-to-Church number. They will receive a link that allows them to update information for anyone in their Household.

2. Send out a text (using Text-to-Church) to all contributors asking them to text back ME to the number from which you sent the text. They will receive a link that allows them to update information for anyone in their Household.  *They can only text back if you send the text using Text-to-Church.

3. Send out an emailed invite to update their information. To do this, go to Members > More > Member Update Email. Use the Filters column on the report page to filter to active people.  For example,  people who donated in the period for which you are generating statements. Select the Contributions filter bar, then under Total Contribution Amount, enter $1 to $1,000,000,000 and the desired date range to filter to anyone who donated between one cent and one million dollars. Then click Run Report. 

If you are requesting that people update their information for accuracy in sending out Contribution Statements, it is important to state in your email that it's important for them to verify the family role is correct.  

IF you plan to run family statements that are NOT filtered to Adults only, use this email to inform them that if another member of their Household contributed during the year (Child or Collge Student) and that other person has an email address listed, a statement will go to that address. This also applies to other Adults in the Household if they contributed and have an email address on record. 

*It is critical that you leave the in the body of the email. This will be the personalized link to their household information. We recommend you add a line asking them NOT to forward this email to anyone as it contains a link to their personal information.