How does the option for group specific passwords work?

Setting group-specific passwords so that leaders only see the information within the group(s) they lead

Having group-specific passwords means that although small group leaders will still be able to see a listing of all groups that are browsable at the leader level, they will not be able to see the roster of those groups without having the group-specific password.

  1. To enable group-specific passwords, you must be logged in as a Group or Financial Admin. Click Settings > Accessibility and enable Leader specific passwords. Make a note of the general group level password on that page. 
  2. Next, send each of your group leaders the Churchteams log-in link.  This link is found as a bookmark on the Settings > User Accounts page. Let them know to save this link as a bookmark or favorites page on their browser.  When a leader logs into Churchteams, they should bypass the email and password section, and instead click the Check-In/Leader Login button. 
    Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 2.19.38 PM

    Use the leader level password found on the User Accounts page (Security > User Accounts). They are now logged into Churchteams.

  3. When the leader clicks to go to a group on the browse groups page (logged in as leader), he/she will enter the general group password you noted from the Accessibility page. He/she can then customize a unique password that will replace this password.

In summation... Each leader will have a shared/common leader level password to first enter the Churchteams database.  If group-specific passwords are enabled, they will then have an additional password to enter after clicking on their group.  This one is unique to their group and known only to that group leader. 

When a leader responds to their meeting report email each week, the tool takes them directly to their meeting report. 

One of the easiest ways for a leader to always access their group is by opening the most recent attendance reminder email.  This link will take them directly to their group without having to enter the Leader-level password.