How do I create a printable check-in Roster?

Using the Reports feature to create a printable Roster for Check-In

Go to Reports > Groups, select Check-In Roster (printable).

  • On the Report page, in the Options column on the left, choose the dates for your printable Check-in Roster (we recommend no more than 6 dates for optimum spacing, but many churches choose to just do one month worth of dates at a time).
  • You may also select other output fields you wish to display on your roster, such as cell phone or birthdate.  We caution against printing too much information on the roster, due to spacing.
  • Filter to the groups for which you wish to print rosters:
    • Click the blue Groups filter bar in the middle column.
    • Click Group Involvement > People Currently in a Group.  Use the Groups drop down menu that appears to select your groups.  A separate roster will print for each of the groups you select.
  • Run Report, then print the rosters.