How do we set up texting to alert parents during service?

You can still put numbers on the screen if you want, but texting is easier and more personal.


To set up the option to notify parents, go to Check-in > Views/Setup > select a Check-in View and go option C10.  Make sure that option is checked.  On the family check-in screen make sure that each parent has a mobile phone number listed.

Items A3.1 and A3.2 tell the system to include parent names and cell phone numbers on the child tags.

To Contact A Parent:

If cell numbers are on child name tags teachers and other adults can text parents directly using their phone. 

Use Churchteams to text the parent by using a check-in computer with a check-in view that has item C10 enabled.  Search for the child to go to the family check-in page.  Then click the text icon to the left of their name to send the text.