How to customize or create a group view (page layout)?

Customizing the layout of a group page

You can customize the attributes, or fields, that show on the layout of the group page and the order in which they show.  At Churchteams, we call this the Group View.

Group View1-1

While on the Group page,  click on the gray Customize button located just below the row of blue buttons.  A warning may pop up, alerting you if other groups are currently using this same layout, or Group View.  Click Edit Group View to continue, however please be aware that other group layouts will be affected with any changes you make.

Use the "Group View Attributes" dropdown menu to select the attribute that you want to show in your Group View.  Click the up or down arrows to adjust the order in which any attribute will appear in the Group View.  To remove an attribute, click on the "X" to the right of it.

One other way to customize Group Views is to go to Groups & Events > Settings > Group Views.  This page will show a listing of all your Group Views.  Click on the name of any Group View and you will be able to edit that particular Group View.