How do I create mailing labels in Churchteams?

Mailing labels are created through the Report feature, where you are able to filter to only certain people or groups of people or create labels for everyone in the database.

To print mailing labels:

Go to Reports > Communications, choose either Member Labels or Family Labels.

  • For either Family or Member labels, you are given Options on the left side of the Report builder page for sorting by name or zip code, as well as how to address the Member or Family. You can also enter a Contribution Date Range, Designations, and Methods here in order to print labels for people who have given in a specific timeframe, to a specific fund, and/or via a specific method.

To filter to certain groups, use the Groups filter in the middle column.  

  • Groups > Group Involvement > People currently in a Group, then select either the group(s) individually from the Group drop down menu or use the Ministry profile drop down menus to select a type of group by which to filter.

To filter to certain members, use the Member filter in the middle column.

  • Example 1:  To print labels for everyone in the database with a birthday in the month of April, click the blue Members filter bar, then Custom Member Attributes.  Under Birth Date range, select April in the Month Filter dropdown menu.  
  • Example 2: To print labels for everyone in the database who is a Member (for Church Member Type) and gave over $100 in Contributions this year, first click the blue Members filter bar, then Church Member Types.  Click the radial for "Selected Church Member Types" and check the box for Member.  Next scroll down to click the blue Contributions filter bar.  Under "Total Contribution Amount" enter the Contribution amount range of 100.00 to 1,000,000.00 (or higher if that situation applies to your church) and a date range of January 1 of this year to the present date.
  • Finally, to show only adults on the labels, under filters, go to Members>Family/Household Attributes>Selected Family Roles>Adults.

Run Report.

Use the print setting recommendations at the top of the report screen in the blue box (also noted below), according to your internet browser for best print alignment. 

Use Avery 5160 labels when printing mailing labels in Churchteams.  Below are our recommended print settings, however you may need to adjust the margin and scale slightly still, depending on your printer.  Always test by printing only Page 1 first.

Chrome (PC):  Click the Print button, then More Settings.  Set the Margins to Custom with a Top of 0.67in and all other margins to zero.

Firefox (PC): Under File/Page Setup (or Page Setup from Print Preview) set the scale to 100%, shrink to fit off, turn headers to blank, and set all margins to zero.

Chrome (Mac): Set all the margins to Custom with Top at 0.72in and all other margins to zero.

Firefox (Mac): Click File, then Page Setup, and define a new paper type under Manage Custom Sizes allowing you to set margins. The margins should be 0.0in on all sides.

We do NOT recommend using Safari on a Mac.  Instead, use Chrome.

If you have trouble with print alignment due to browser or printer limitations after adjusting the margins, we recommend that you do an export from Churchteams, then mail merge for creating labels from a word processing software.