Instructions for exporting ACS data

NOTE: These instructions may differ somewhat depending on what version of ACS you are using.

People Data  - Option 1

1 ) Create your search to get the information you are looking for. Run your search.
2 ) Click on ‘Advanced Export’ under the Search Info tab
3 ) Click on Create New Export
4 ) Check the ‘Use last search results’ check box
5 ) Click Next which should take you to the Fields tab
6 ) Double Click on the following fields:
Expand the Personal node in the tree listing.

Double click Family Number directly under the personal node. NOTE: The Individual Number listed near the top under the Personal node AND the Individual ID described below are BOTH required so please include both of them.

Below the Address node and almost to the Special Fields node underneath the Date Last Contributed field double click the “Individual ID” field. This is a critical field to include to reduce duplicates.

Double click the following fields as well
7 ) Click Next (should take you to the Format tab), and choose Comma Separated Values
8 ) Go back to Fields Tab and Click on Select All, then Run Export (this button may be called “Execute” in older versions of ACS)
9 ) Name your file, as prompted (note where it is saved on your computer)
10 ) Click OK to limit number of files to ALL (This is the default)
11 ) Your file should then be exported. It will tell you where the file is saved to.
12 ) Send the file to and we will review it and load it for you or ask any questions needed to clarify how it should be loaded.

People Data - Option 2

  1. Sign in to ACS.
  2. Run a Search.
  3. Click Advanced Export and select Create New Export.
  4. Select File Export then click Next.
  5. Name the export. 
  6. Group tab: Check Include Deactivated Records (if needed to match up historical giving).
  7. Fields tab: Pick the fields you want exported. Be sure to select Individual IDFamily ID, and Envelope Number as well.
    • A good total export will have the PersonalAlternate PhonesEmail AddressesComments, and Preferred Lists folders.
  8. Format tab:
    1. Select Microsoft Excel.
    2. Click Filename to choose a location to save the file.
    3. Click Save and Close.
  9. Click Run Export.

Contributions  - Option 1  (Try this option first.)

  1. Sign in to ACS.
  2. Navigate to Searches and Reports and select Reports.
  3. Select Contributions (default is People) from the drop-down list.
  4. Under Contributions in the upper sidebar, expand Lists-->.
  5. Select Gift Detail Listing.
  6. Within the Gift Detail Listing section (in the lower sidebar):
    • On the General tab, select your date range.
    • On the Report Options tab, select your chosen funds (preferably all of them) and Include Deactivated People.
    • Click Preview.
    • Select Use Report Setting for Search Results (default is Always Use Last Search Results).
    • Click Customize from the Gift Detail Listing section.
  7. Once the report is generated, there click the icon on the top row called View Report Data
  8. Expand the Export button and export to Comma Separated Values.
The last field in the contribution table will have the family id at the end of it. New versions of ACS will have a individual ID column.

Contributions - Option 2

This might not exactly match the version of the software you are using, but it should provide a  starting point.   

Go to ACS people suite



Advanced Export

Create new Export

 check DataBase export

Groups tab

    Select people

Included Data tab 

    Select personal

            CB gifts

            CB pledges

            Fund totals

            CB individual totals

Format tab

   Select Comma separated values (*.csv)

Run Export