Church Community Builder (CCB)

How to export data from CCB

First create a group that contains everyone you want to import into Churchteams and give it a name (for example “Entire Database”). Click the “Reports” tab
Build a Custom Report

First Category: Which People 
Change the “Search On” drop box to “Group” 
Change the “Choose…” drop box to “Is”
Change the “Search On” drop box to the group name you created above
Change the “Search On” drop box to “Member” (assuming all people in that group are denoted as group members)

**Other option combinations, such as using “Is any status of” instead of “is” tends to leave out large groups of people. 

Second Category: Report Columns (NOTE: You can only select 12 columns so you will likely need to create more than one file, see notes below)
Pick the following columns you want to export and you need to at least include
1. Last Name 
2. First Name 
3. Individual ID *This is critical to allow for loading additional data past the 12 field limit CCB has for exporting and should be mapped to the ExternalMemberID in Churchteams when loading.
4. Family ID *This is critical to maintain the householding you have in CCB when loading into Churchteams and should be mapped to the ExternalFamilyID in Churchteams when loading.
5. Mailing Street 
6. Mailing City
7. Mailing State
8. Mailing Zip 
9. Email 
10. Home Phone 
11. Gender
12. Family Position

 Third Category: Refinements Sort First on: Family ID Low to High 
Sort Second on: Last Name A to Z Return All Family Members – Unchecked
Don’t Include Inactive Individuals – Checked
Don’t Include Unlisted Individuals – Unchecked
Don’t Include “Child Protected” Children – Unchecked **If you don’t Uncheck this box, you will lose a whole lot of kids from your database 
Don’t Include Deceased Individuals – Unchecked
Give your report a name, and hit “Save and Run Report” and change the output to “CSV”

To create additional file(s) to get any columns that you didn’t have room for due to the 12 column limit you would follow the same steps except for when selecting the columns you would want to use

1. Last Name
2. First Name
3. Individual ID *This is critical to allow a direct match with the correct person/individual
For columns 4 through 12 select any additional data such as Membership Type, Mobile Phone, Work Phone, Date of Birth, Anniversary date etc. If you have more fields you need you can create additional files in a similar fashion with Last Name, First Name, and Individual ID plus your additional fields.

After creating your file(s) email them to and we will load them for you!