Church Windows

How to export data from Church Windows

People Data

  • Decide what information you would like to export.  Include all member information you want to import into Churchteams.
  • Access Church Windows© using your account authorization
  • Click Membership
  • Click Report & Labels
  • Select “Reports/Directory/Export”
  • Click Next to select Everyone in the database (or filter to the people you want)
  • Select the ‘Mail merge/Export’ option
  • Enter a Title for the Report (for example Churchteams Export)
  • On the ‘Separate Fields with: ‘pull-down select ‘Comma’
  • In the lower-center select the items from the left you wish to export and Click ‘Add >’ to move them to the right (alternatively you can select ‘Add all >>’ to export all information
  • Click ‘Export’

Send the file to and we will review it and load it for you or ask any questions needed to clarify how it should be loaded.


  • In Donations go to Reports/Export
  • Choose Donation Log Report
  • Under columns - move everything over to the right box
  • Go down to print (in the bottom right hand corner)
  • When the print preview is displayed at the top there is an icon for export.  Select the convert to CSV option.
  • Save the file