How to export data from Elvanto


  1. Select Menubutton (on the right), select it and click the Admin Area.
  2. Within Elvanto's Admin Area, navigate to Reports-> Add Custom Report > Standard Report
  3. Name the Standard Report
  4. Select: Display as "Individuals".
  5. Filter: Match "All of the Following Fields"
  6. Filter: "People Category", "Contains", "Select All"
  7. Add all of the fields wanted. Include Member ID.
  8. Click Save & Generate.
  9. Click Export-> 


  1. Within Elvanto's Admin Area, navigate to Financial-> Reports -> Batches.
  2. Set the following fields:
    1. Find Batches:"By Name"
    2. Display:"Show All Trans"
    3. Trans Type:"Both Tax + Non Tax"
    4. Chart of Account:Check All
    5. Additional Batch Columns:Check All
    6. Additional People Columns:"Member ID","Full Name"
    7. Sort By:"Transaction Date Ascending"
    8. Output:"Excel Format .xlsx landscape A4"
  3. Click the Generate button.