Fellowship One

How to export data from Fellowship One

Due to possible version differences, we have included two variations of export instructions for both People and Contributions.  If neither work for your configuration, please contact the vendor for assistance. 

People Data

 Version 1

  1. Click on reports
  2. Type P9400 in the search window on the top right of the page
  3. For all the group fields: “Ignore This”
  4. For choose fields to display:

–  Household Fields; “Household ID” and “Home Phone”

–  Individual Fields;  “Select all fields”

  1. Output Separated Email Columns? “YES”
  2. Output Separated Phone Columns? “YES”
  3. Display this1stAddress; “Primary” this will populate the next pull down
  4. Display these Fields for each Address; “Select all except full address”
  5. Note:  F1 will exclude Deceased individuals by default, so look for a setting and potentially change it so that deceased individuals are included in the export.  Check Status/SubStatus (who): Having these Status Group: Statuses: Select All including Deceased
  6. Choose an Output Type; “Excel”
  7. Click “Run Report”
  8. When the report is complete download the file to your computer
  9. Open in Excel and Save As a CSV file. (if more than one row is left for the headers remove all rows that are column headers except for the firstrow.
  10. Send the file to data@churchteams.com and we will review it and load it for you or ask any questions needed to clarify how it should be loaded.

 Version 2

  1. Go to Reports (far right on menu bar).
  2. Search for P9400 (Core People Records Export v3.2) in top black bar search box.
  3. Enter in the following criteria:
    1. Return People in these Groups (who):
      • Based on their Role/Type -> Don't Limit People Base on Group Membership
      • These Spans of Care -> Ignore This
      • These Group Types -> Ignore This
      • These Campuses -> Ignore This
      • These Groups -> Ignore This
    2. Group Membership Instructions: -> Return People in ANY Selected Group
    3. And Joined within this Time Period -> Ignore This
    4. Choose Fields to Display (what):
      1. Display these Household Fields:
        • Household ID
        • Home Phone
      2. Display these Individual Fields:
        • Select All fields except Photo. We cannot import photos.
    5. Output Separate Email Columns: Yes
    6. Output Separate Phone Columns: Yes
    7. Display this 1st Address -> Primary
    8. Display this 2nd Address -> Ignore This
    9. Display these Fields for each Address:
      • Street Address
      • City
      • State
      • Postal Code (Full)
    10. If displaying Full Address, Format it using 1 Line.
    11. Configure Output (what):
      • Display these Metrics for each row -> Ignore This
      • Page/Sheet Break on -> Ignore This
      • Create labels/Temporary Groups using: I am NOT outputting to labels or Groups
      • Choose an Output Type: -> Excel
    12. Click additional filters.
    13. Return based on Status/SubStatus (who):
      • Having these Status Group::Statuses: Select All including Deceased.
    14. Display Field Formatting (what):
      • Display Individual First Name in this Format: Johnathan "John" Edward
  4. Run Report
  5. Click on the Queue link (top black bar) and when your report is ready, download it to your computer.


Version 1

  • Run the G1050 Core Giving Records report (v 3.0)
  • Under Return Giving Records
  • Based on this date: Received Date
  • Occurring with this date range: Custom Date Range and enter appropriate range
  • Occurring on or after this time: -- Ignore this --
  • Occurring on or before this time: -- Ignore this --
  • Belonging to these batches: -- Do not filter --
  • Configured Displayed Output
  • Page/Sheet Break On: -- Ignore this --
  • SubGroup with Subtotal on: -- Ignore this --
  • Giving Fields to Display
  • Select all EXCEPT the "All transactions by ID"
  • Contributor Fields to Display
  • ContributorID
  • ContributorName
  • GivingUnitID
  • GivingUnitName
  • GivingUnitContact
  • Household, Individual or Organization
  • Primary Address Fields to Display
  • select all of them
  • Grand Total Columns to Display: -- Ignore this --
  • Sort Records by: Last Name, First Name, Received Date
  • Create Labels/Temporary Group Using: -- I am NOT outputting to labels or groups --
  • Choose an Output Type: CSV
  • Click Run Report and once the report is Complete click the download link to save the file

Version 2

  1. Go to Reports (far right on menu bar).
  2. Search for G1050 (Core Giving Records v 3.0).
  3. Set the following criteria for Return Giving Records (who):
    1. Based on this date -> Received Date
    2. Week starts on -> Sunday
    3. Occurring within this Date Range -> Custom Date Range
    4. Occurring after this time: Ignore This (has to be done or report will error)
    5. Occurring before this time: Ignore This (has to be done or report will error)
    6. Belonging to Batches -> Ignore This (has to be done or report will error)
  4. Set the following criteria for choosing fields and configuring the output:
    1. Page/Sheet ... -> Ignore This
    2. Subgroup with Subtotal on -> Ignore This
    3. Multi Select Box -> Gift Columns to Display:
      • All Trans by ID
      • ACH, Check, Cash, BankCard
      • Batch Date
      • Batch Name
      • Contribution or Receipt
      • Contribution Attributes
      • Contribution Subtype
      • Create Date
      • Fund
      • Fund account Reference description
      • Memo
      • Received Date
      • Reference (check number)
      • Sub Fund
    4. Multi select box -> Contributor Columns to Display:
      • Contributor ID
      • Contributor Full Name
      • Contributor Last Name
      • Giving Unit ID
      • Giving Unit Full Name
      • Giving Unit Last Name
      • Household, Individual or Organization (needed to get the correct name)
      • Mem/Envelope #
    5. Multi select box -> Primary Address columns to Display
      • Ignore
    6. Multi select box -> Grand Total Columns to Display
      • Ignore
  5. Display total amount -> Yes
  6. Sort Records by Received Date & Time
  7. Output to labels -> No
  8. Choose an Output Type: -> Excel
  9. Run Report
  10. Click on the Queue link (top black bar) and when your report is ready, download it to your computer.