How to export data from Logos

NOTE:  There are 2 sets of instructions for a newer version of Logos versus an older version and the instructions may differ somewhat if it’s not the exact same version but hopefully should be similar.

Logos version 9.7.315 (newer version)

1.  Select Export People Data from the main screen

2. Select Advanced and the Individual option
3.  Press Next twice
4. Use the >> button to move all fields to the selected list
5.  Press Next
6.  Select Delimited with Comma as the file format
7.  Press Print
8.  Name the File
9.  Press Save
10.  Send the file to data@churchteams.com
 Older Logos versions (try if the instructions above don’t work in your version)

1 ) Open Family Visitor

2 ) Reports

3 ) Selected list

4 ) Select option 2

5 ) Check the print last name first option

6 ) Check print email

7 ) Click Next twice:

8 ) Enter the Search Criteria by using the Family tab to define your search

9 ) Click Next

10 ) Select the sort order (any order will work)

11 ) Click Print

12 ) Click Export with CSV as the format and click Print

13 ) Save the file to your local hard drive.

14 ) Send the file to data@churchteams.com and we will review it and load it for you or ask any questions needed to clarify how it should be loaded.