How to export data from Realm

People Exports

Note that Realm will not export everything. Only some data, and not all in a usable format.

  • From the Reporting menu on the left side, select Custom Query.
    • Find people using the field "Family Name" and set the parameter to "is not blank."
    • Select Show Results.
    • Preview the data and edit the columns to include at a minimum:  First Name, Last Name, Family Position, Individual ID, and Family ID
      • We recommend that you also select as many other data pieces as possible to bring over to Churchteams, such as Address, Address City, Address Postal Code, Address State, Email, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Campus, Gender, Marital Status, and any other information you use.
    • Click Apply
    • Click Preview and Download as "Individual List (.csv)"

Contribution Exports

  • From the Reporting menu on the left side of the screen, select "Predefined Reports."
  • Open the "Giving" tab on the Predefined Reports screen.
  • Click "Edit and Run" for the "Detailed Giving" report.
    • Add date filter criteria for the Detailed Giving Report.  We do not recommend that you filter to specific funds or payment types. 
  • Once the report has run, use the Printer icon dropdown menu to select "Export (.csv)"  to begin downloading your report.