Servant Keeper

How to export data from Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper Version 7 Instructions

  1. In “Groups Keeper” – choose “All Individual Records”
  2. Display Group
  3. Select Fields  – make sure to add every field you want to export including Family ID.  NOTE: Be sure to include Individual ID and Individual Number which are under “Individual Records”
  4. Save
  5. Save as a “Text File”

Instructions for older versions of Servant Keeper

NOTE: These instructions may differ slightly depending on what version of Servant Keeper you are using.

1) Go into the “Groups” section
2) Select the group and details you want to export to include in Churchteams (be sure to include the FamilyID and the Individual ID and Individual Number under “Individual Records”)
3) Click on the “Group” tab at the top of the page.
4) Under the group tab select “Export” to “CSV File”
5) Save the file. Make sure the “save file as” says “csv file”
6) Send the file to and we will review it and load it for you or ask any questions needed to clarify how it should be loaded.