Servant Keeper

How to export data from Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper Version 8 Instructions:

  1. Exporting Giving
    1. Within the Servant Keeper, open up "Contribution Manager."
    2. Navigate to File > Save As (Giving Export) > Individual Contributions.
    3. Check Show Split Trans Detail.
    4. Click the Individuals radio button.
    5. Click Select Fields.
      • Select Individual ID.
      • Select Family ID.
      • Click Save.
    6. Check Include Inactive People.
    7. Click the Find button.
    8. You'll be asked about stopping at 500 rows, click No.
    9. Double Click the report "Breeze_People". This will bring up the preview.
    10. Click Save As > Microsoft Excel.
    11. Save it where you can find it.
    Exporting People
    1. Within Servant Keeper, navigate to Group > Add Group
    2. This brings up the Add/Edit Group window.
    3. Call the report "People Export" or something similar.
    4. Check the search results using Individuals (not families).
      • Select a field to search: use Individual ID.
      • Select how to search the field: Is not Blank.
      • Enter the item to search for: leave this field blank.
      • Add Criteria [+ Add] (click the add button).
    5. Click "Select Fields" button. This is where you select the fields to import.
      1. Be sure to include Individual ID and Family ID.
      2. If unsure, select all fields. (Select all, by clicking the first field, scroll to the bottom, hold shift and click the last field).
      3. Click the Save button.
    6. Click the Save button.
    7. You are now back at the Group Keeper main menu.
    8. Double Click the report "Breeze_People". This will bring up the preview.
    9. Click Options > Export Group > Excel.
    10. Save it where you can find it.