How to find and thank First Time Givers.

Use the filter area in reports to identify first time givers. Use the report types to see a list or add them to a group for a workflow.

If you add someone new when entering contributions that adds them into the database at the same time.  You do not have to duplicate that effort.
Since that is the case, the reason most people want to recognize first time givers is to send them a special thank you card, email, or text for donating the first time.  However, sometimes pastors want to know how many first time givers gave over a certain period of time. This can be answered by creating a Member Listing report:
  1. Go to Reports > Members and choose Member listing.
  2. Pick any output information you want.  Maybe email, phone number or address.
  3. Under Filters > Contributions.
  4. The first section is First / Most Recent Contributions.  Choose the date range you want for First Contribution Date.
  5. Run the Report.  This will give you a list and count of first time contributors in the date range selected.
To set up an ongoing workflow for First Time Givers that sends them an email or text.
  1. Create a 1st Time Givers Group.
  2. Go to Workflows and create a Workflow.  A simple workflow would be to send an email that you would create a template for and then remove people from the 1st Time Giver Group a certain number of days later.  If you chose one month, then the group will always be made up of 1st Time Givers the previous 30 days.
  3. Be sure to Activate the workflow.
  4. Go to Reports > Members > Add People To A Group.
  5. Select to Add People to the 1st Time Givers group.  
  6. Go to Filters > Contributions and under First / Most Recent, choose the date range you want.
  7. Run the Report.  Click Add People To Group.
  8. This will add these people to the group which puts them in the Workflow.
  9. Save this Report.
  10. Add this Saved Report to your Me Card for immediate access when you login.