How to I edit or add Contributions Funds or Designations in Churchteams?

You can add or remove Contributions Funds in the Settings

To edit the name of a fund, add a new one, or remove a Fund, go to Giving > Settings > Designations / Funds.

Customize the default funds to fit your language and goals.  Use the   button to create additional designations or funds. To edit an existing fund name and/or the settings for a particular fund, click the name of the fund, make the appropriate edits and save.

Giving _ Settings _ Designations

  1. Click the name of a Fund to edit the Sort Order of where the Fund appears in the list, the Keyword associated with the Fund, and the Tax Deductible status of the Fund.
  2. Toggle by clicking Yes/No to make the Fund available for Online Giving or not.
  3. Toggle by clicking Yes/No to make the Fund the Default Designation for Online Giving.
  4. You can remove a Fund by clicking the Trash icon for the Fund. When you attempt to remove a Fund, you will get a system prompt asking you to reassign any contributions previously assigned to that particular Fund.
  5. Click the Campaigns button to expand the view to show or add Pledge Campaigns linked to a particular Fund.  Click the Campaign name to edit the Goal, Date Range, and other settings.
  6. Click "+Add Campaign" to add a new Pledge Campaign to a Fund.  You can have more than one Campaign linked to a Fund.  Read more about setting up Pledges here.
  7. Click the "Create" button to link a Pledge Registration to the Campaign, giving you a digital commitment card.