How does a person opt out of the different types of text messages in Churchteams?

An explanation of text message types in Churchteams and how to opt out

Carrier-based (Text from Church)

  • A person can respond to an "Evite to Update info" email that you send from Churchteams or they can Text "Me" to your Text-to-Church phone number and update their profile and set the Mobile Carrier field to "No Texting". 
  • To do this administratively in Churchteams, go to the person's profile, click the person's name to edit their information, and set the Mobile Carrier to "No texting".

Workflow texts

  • These are texts that come as a result of a text message step in a workflow.  The first time they are texted from the workflow system, they will be instructed to text the word "Stop" if they don't want to receive text messages from your Text-to-Church phone number.  Note this does not affect Carrier texts mentioned above.

Volunteer notification/reminders

  • If a person does not want to receive volunteer notifications/reminders via texting, go to their profile, click on "View All" next to "Upcoming Volunteer Schedule" and check the box "Do not text me volunteer notifications/reminders". 
  • The person can do this themselves by Texting "Me" and checking that box at the bottom of the screen or by clicking any Volunteer reminder link (either via email or texting).