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How to send a giving statement to one person.

Sending a contribution statement to a specific person in Churchteams

There are two ways to either email or download (for printing/mailing) an individual's statement.

Generating an Individual Contribution Statement via the Reports Menu

Go to Reports > New (or if you already have your Statements as a Saved Report, choose Saved and pull up the Saved Report

Select "Contribution Statements" under the Financial bar.

Make any necessary selection in the Options column on the left, such as Family or Individual statement, Email or Standard (printed) statement, and enter the Contribution Date range.

In the Filters column, select the Members filter bar, then click "Select Specific People."  Use the Search bar to enter the name(s) for whom you want to produce statements. If the statement is for a Household with more than one contributor, be sure to enter the name(s) of all contributing adults in the household; otherwise, only donations for the selected person will appear on the statement.

Click Run Report to generate the statements.  If you chose Emailed Statements, the statement will be immediately emailed to the selected person(s), without a preview.  

Generating an Individual Contribution Statement via the Member's Profile page

From the Member Profile page, click the "More Info..." bar, then select Contributions. 

Click the "Prior Calendar Year" button to filter to the previous year's donations.

Under the Contributions section of the page, choose Email or Download, then click to Email or Download the statement.  If you choose to email the statement, the default email for the contributor will appear in a pop-up window, but you can add additional emails, such as a spouse email.

Selecting the Emailed Statement option will immediately send the statement to all email addresses entered without a preview of the statement.  By Downloading the statement, a PDF of the statement will download to your computer, and you can then email the PDF as an attachment to the donor or print and mail it.