How do I set up a registration in Churchteams?

Registration (and registration payments) can be added to any group - making it easy for any group to become an event.

  • To create a registration, you must first start with a group.  The registration is then added on to the group.  So, if you have not already, create the group.  Whether this is a class, event, or just a group for tracking, we always start with groups!
  • From the group page, click the blue "Registration" button, then "Settings".  
    Registration - Settings
  • If you want to include custom messages to registrants, such as instructions or completion messages, there are boxes for these on this page.
    Registration Messages
  • To add questions to your registrations (we call these attributes), select either member or registration attributes from the Registration Attributes drop down menu near the bottom left of the page. 

    Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.02.02 AM
    • To add a new question/attribute that is not already on the list, click "Customize Registration Attributes," located to the right. 
    • On the Customize Group Registration Attributes page, click the blue New Attribute button.  There are several attribute types, the most common being drop down or text field.  The attribute name is the question you are asking, such as Name or Address.
    • Once you've created all your custom attributes click  "Back to Registration Settings" and scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page again to select the newly created attribute from the "Registration Attributes" drop down menu. 
  • Finally, you can add a keyword to the top of the page so that Text-to-Register can be used.
  • Once you've completed setting things up, you can copy the green link at the top of the page to post in your website or send in an email or social media.  
    Registration - Keyword and Link-1

Registration Payments

For very basic payments use the "Registration Cost (per person)" at the top.  But for more complex payments use the "Custom registration attributes" at the bottom.  If using the custom attributes, it is most likely you won't need to use the registration cost field at the top. 

Registration Payment

Registration payments are tracked by the actual group name. To see a report of payments for a group, go to Reports > Financial, select Registration Payment Summary or Registration Payment Details. The payments are deposited into your same account but they are not tracked by a funds/designation in the way contributions (tax-deductible donations) are.  Instead, they are tracked by the event name.

Click HERE for a comprehensive video that goes over several registration scenarios.  Check out the chapter (bottom right corner) on Connection Card (24:58) to see how to use the auto-register feature.