An overview of the setup and implementation Check-in

"How do I set up check-in for our church?"  The answer to that question is dependant on your technology configuration and specific needs for each ministry using Check-In.  This tutorial will walk you through the decisions you need to set up a Check-in that is right for you.  

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There are are lot of ways to do Check-in in Churchteams.  You can do it with hosted stations, kiosks, mobile greeters, self check-in stations, and texting plus our traditional way to get information for groups that don't need labels.  Here is a diagram of all the options.


For this article we will focus primarily on children's ministry check-in, but we will include options for youth, adult and all family options.


Numbers.  First, make sure you know your attendance history.

  1. How many children do you plan to check-in in a week?  This helps you plan for supplies.  
  2. How many children do you check-in for your largest session or Sunday School hour?  We recommend at least two label printers no matter what with one committed to guests, but also one label printer for each 25 to 40 kids that check-in.

Space.  Now you have an idea about how many label printers you need.  Next, think about your space and where you want parents to pick up their name tags.  People are standing up, so make sure the table or shelf is the right height.  

Method.  Next you need to determine how you want people to check-in.

  1. Check-In Station.  A check-in center, kiosk, stand up table or shelf is really common.  These typically are one computer with a label printer attached.  By choosing to Start a Printer station (see image below), you can set the computer up as the connector from other screens to the label printer.  You can even use another browser on the same computer as one of your screens.
  2. Tablet.  It doesn't matter if you mount iPads or other tablets near the label printer or make them mobile, login to do check-in and choose the "Use a Printer Station" option to make the tablet a screen that connects to the computer attached to the label printer.
  3. Text-to-Check-In. When you start a Printer station, check the option to "Use for Text to Check-in".  This allows families to text the word "Check" to your Text to Church phone number.  They get a link back that takes them to a screen to check their family in.  
  4. Combination.  You can use a combination of any or all of these methods depending on your situation and needs.
  5. All Check - Best for families to check everyone in to every class, volunteer and worship service at once
  6. Text-to-Attend - Best for one texter to simply text that they are there.
  7. Text-to-Me - Best for leaders to quickly access and take attendance from a group roster on their phone.



In general, here are the five steps to implement Check-in.

  1. Create your groups.  Like every other ministry, create the groups you want to check-in.  Children's classes.  Worship services. Youth classes & serving teams.  Adult classes & serving teams.
  2. Get your equipment.  Re-task current computers and label printers.  Or buy new ones.  We currently recommend any Windows 10 based PC, Brother QL 820W wireless (even battery if you want) or Dymo Turbo 450  for USB label printers, and any tablet. HERE is a detailed article on recommendations!
  3. Set up your label printers.  Follow the instructions listed on the Label Printer Info/Recommendations page.  We recommend using Chrome and Microsoft Edge as the browser for Check-in.  
  4. Customize your Views/Setup.  Go to Check-In > Views/Settings.  From here, by either adding a new View or choosing an existing View, you are able to customize your security label options and check-in screens.  Clicking the Groups link on this page allows you to  choose the classes, teams and worship services that people will be able to check in to using that View.
  5. Bookmark login link.  Make it easy to start check-in by putting an icon on the desktop of your check-in computer and any tablets.

For more details on specific questions related to implementation and use of Churchteams Check-in, check out our Knowledge Base Articles and/or sign up for the Check-in webinar. Once you have everything set up, be sure to test it with a quick practice run.  



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