How to setup Check-in using Firefox on a Mac

How to setup Check-in using Firefox on a Mac in Churchteams?

1. Install the label printer software and driver in the computer and make sure it's working with a test. Set the label printer as the default printer to be used and set the default paper size to the size of label you are using.

2. Start Firefox and click the File menu and then click Page Setup and select your label printer in the "Format For:" dropdown list. If the size of labels you are using isn't available as a paper size in your printer driver then define a custom paper size and give it a name (such as CheckinLabel) and enter the correct label dimensions. Set the Orientation to landscape and the Scale to 100% (note for Zebra printer adding a new "Stock" was required and for a Zebra printer you want Portrait instead of Landscape). Set the Non-Printable Area to "User Defined" and set Top,Bottom,Left, and Right to 0.1 inches.

In the following section you need to go into Firefox's advanced settings to change some printing options.
3. Type about:config into the browser address/URL and press enter. You will be given a warning message and go ahead and click the "I'll be careful ..." warning button.

4. In the Filter text box type "print" and it should filter the list to only printer related items.

5. Change the following 3 options by double clicking on them and set the value to 0 for all of them:
Double click the left margin (shown below) and set it to 0.2

6. Change the following options by double clicking on them and then pressing Delete to remove the current value and make it empty and then clicking OK. NOTE: Do not put a space in but instead delete the existing value if there is one.

Set the following two options to "true" if they are currently false. Double clicking false or true value will change it.

Set the following option to 1 (unless it is a Zebra or Godex printer where it should be 0). Double click it to change the value.

Set the print.printer__.print_paper_height to the width of the label as it comes out of the printer (typically 2.12 for shipping/name badge labels)
Set the print.printer__.print_paper_width to the length of the label as it comes out of the printer (typically 3.97 for shipping/name badge labels)

7. Login to Churchteams and test the printer. The Print Dialog box will still popup which is helpful in determining if the label size, orientation, background images and other settings are correct. Generally setting the Presets: box to "Last Used Settings" will allow you to control those settings more easily. If the labels print correctly then move on to step 8.

8. Go back to your window/tab for the about:config page as in step 3. Right-click in some blank space on the page and click the "New" menu and then select "Boolean". For the name enter "print.always_print_silent" and select the value of "true"

9. Login to Churchteams and test the label printing one more time and this time the printer dialog should not appear when printing.