How to setup Check-in using Firefox on a PC.

How to setup Check-in using Firefox on a PC in Churchteams.

1. Install the label printer software and driver in the computer and make sure it's working with a test. Set the label printer as the default printer to be used and set the default paper size to the size of label you are using in Devices and Printers by right-clicking and selecting Printing Preferences
2. Start Firefox and click the options menu in the upper right (looks like a stack of 3 bars) and then click the Print icon (see the yellow highlight sections in the image below).


3. Click the Page Setup button at the top left of the print preview that is shown on the screen.

4. On the Page Setup dialog box set the options as shown below (NOTE for a Zebra printer change the Orientation to Portrait)

5. Click the "Margins & Header/Footer" tab and set the options as shown below

6. Login to Churchteams, start the check-in system and test the printer. The Print Dialog box will still popup which is helpful in determining if the label size, orientation, background images and other settings are correct. If the labels print correctly then move on to step 7.
7. Open a new tab in Firefox and in the Address/URL enter about:config and press enter/go. Click the "I'll be careful warning" button.
8. Right-click in the blank white space to the right of the settings and click the "New" menu and then select "Boolean". For the name enter "print.always_print_silent" and select the value of "true".
9. Switch back to the tab with the check-in system open and try another test print. This time it should print with no dialog box prompt.