How to set up a registration for parents and children, e.g. VBS or Youth camp.

Registration for events with children or students should begin with a parent group where family information can be collected first, then each child registered.

Why 2 groups?

Often, a registration for camp, VBS or other children's events will include registration for more than one child.  There is a need to collect the same information, such as emergency contact, health insurance information, and payment. 

In order to make the registration process quick and simple, we recommend that you create a parent group first.  This is where the main information that applies to all family members as well as payment is collected.  Then you create a child or student group.  This is where minor details such as t-shirt or roommate info can be selected. Use completion options in the settings for the parent registration to link it to the child or student group.

Insert the Keyword for Text-to-Church in registration settings for the parent group.  This will make sure that the parent's mobile number is properly associated with the adult, not the child, for use of other Text-to-Church features including giving.  

Having two groups allows a leader to be able to only text/email the parents or only communicate with the students, which is often necessary.  

The Setup

  • First create the parent group, just as you would create any group, then add the necessary registration attributes.  Add "Parents" or "Adults" as part of this group name, such as VBS - Parents or Youth Camp - Parents, so that the groups are easy to distinguish later. Below is an example of registration attributes (1) for a Youth Camp - Parent group.  In the Registration Settings for this group, be sure to make the Default Family Role be Adult (2) and set a Secondary Registration for your Child or Student Group (3) - this is usually added after you create that group next.

Youth Camp - Parents - Reg Settings -1

  • Second, create the child or student group and add the necessary registration attributes for this group.  Attributes usually added to a student or child group are a drop down menu for age selection or birthday, roommate choice - which could be a text box, and/or allergies, etc. 
  • In the Student group, you can use the birthday or age attribute to auto-register the child into a particular class if this group is for something such as VBS.  This will save a step later or moving or dividing these registrants into smaller classes.  
  • Be sure the student group has the default family role set to child or student.

The registration link that should be sent out is the link shown on the Registration Settings for the Parent Group.  The link is found in the green bar at the top of the Registration Settings page for the Parent Group.  If you use Text-to-Register, your Keyword would be used in the Parent Group as well.